We are Streets Revolution a Community Interest Company. We aim to have an organisation that uses Sport and Leisure as a tool to engage marginalised sections of the community’s adults and Young people. Our aim is to make the world feel included.

We have projects in England, Germany, Ghana, Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania.

We would love to hear from people interested in what we are doing or who share a passion for Sport and Leisure and how it can be a positive tool for change. We see it every day on a small scale as well as globally. Follow us on Twitter and Facebook.

We hope you find our journey interesting. Stop by now and again to see what’s developing. You can contact us on info@streetsrevolution.com
If you would like to support Streets Revolution you can set up a £1 monthly donation on Paypal. Many thanks

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Don't forget FREE football session tomorrow. The weather is great and so is the football. #football4all

Positive meeting with Oxfordshire FA as we're part of the IAG, it's great to be part of such a progressive thinking FA and group. #football4all #inclusion

New kit arrived for SR Bicester as modelled by our CEO #champions #newkit

THE OXFORD SOCIAL INCLUSION LEAGUE 6-A-SIDE TOURNAMENT INVITATION To start at 10am – 2.00pm Open Age Limit (16+) £50 PER TEAM Entry The Oxford Social Inclusion League 2017 kicks off in May to give opportunities to play and come together through football who find themselves socially excluded. Streets Revolution CIC, in partnership with Oxford University Sports Facility is hosting a monthly 6-a-side football League starting on the 2nd May and running for 5 months until September. June 6th, July 4th, August 1st, September 5th. Teams from organisations working with marginalised adults will be playing alongside those from all parts of the community. Teams must be 6-a-side and players must be over 16. By en- tering a team, organisations can promote the work they do as well as make the event a posi- tive experience for participants. The league’s message is ‘an even playing field', as Jon Regler, CEO of Streets Revolution, explains: "The purpose of Streets Revolution is to give people something to associate themselves with, something to label themselves with that isn’t homelessness or mental health or any of the other negatives in their lives. Everyone who comes along has been marginalised in some way – whether through labels that society has decided to put on them or simply because of a lack of positive, affirmative words in their lives. We are looking for organisations who wish to participate and be represented at this tournament. By entering a team or sponsoring the event, you will be helping make this a truly positive experience for participants whilst promoting the work of your own organisation." Streets Revolution CIC has previously hosted the Social Inclusion Cup in Oxfordshire with great success and wants you and your organisation to be part of the experience. Streets Revolution C.I.C., in partnership with Access Sport, Oxfordshire Football Association and Oxford University Sports facility .