A Greek Philosophy 

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Yesterday I caught up with the Greek team and I videod their responses. Apologies for the background noise. 
Here is the unedited version. 
I found some of the answers profound and they spoke as always from their heart. 

 [wpvideo qURmFbLv] 
We continue the questions. They expressed what it felt to be Homeless and Invisible. 

 [wpvideo sG99gN7n] 
The sense of belonging to the team and each other, unity beyond borders. A unique experience in the world. 

 [wpvideo fSdpMliZ] 
They may not be the best team on the pitch,  but off it their quality shines through. 

 [wpvideo YskFuHyk] 
They know that they should never give up. 

 [wpvideo ntOloMaV] 
 [wpvideo DbHYoGqf] 
[wpvideo Sw1XgW5Z] 

 [wpvideo ZUS0Rd0I] 
I know I for one am better for knowing them. I hope you see the spirit that despite all the well documented problems in Greece. They will never give up.